Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rules of Weird Food

Rule 1: The weirder the better.

That's my philosophy when it comes to cooking. Bubbling science experiments are welcome in my kitchen. I have kombucha brewing on the kitchen counter, ginger beer fermenting on the dining room table, and three different sourdough starters bubbling wildly away.

Rule 2: Keep trying new things.

I love visiting different ethnic grocery stores where I typically wander through the produce department and toss anything I don't recognize into the cart. Again, the weirder the better. Some of these strange vegetables and fruits have turned out to be delightful. Others, like the bitter melons I bought at Sorya's Asian Market, were interesting. But I am never afraid to try something new.

Rule 3: Never use a recipe twice.

There is no such thing as a recipe. I am constantly substituting ingredients, adding new flavors, and improving, or possibly ruining, recipes. But that is the fun of cooking. A pinch of this and a dash of that keep cooking fun and exciting. Not to say that you can't make your favorite dish more than once. But always try a new twist. Maybe it will be delicious. Or maybe it won't.

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  1. Lana, I like your rules and find your attitude towrd food fun and refreshing. I am looking forward to trying some of your receipes and adding my own twists...you know to keep it interesting. Good food=good times and a happy body. -Amy